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Results: It’s What We’re All About

Our proprietary Results Discovery Process™ helps you discover new and innovative ways for you to attract and retain the best employees, grow your business and achieve your goals.

It’s common for employers to change carriers every year, believing the best way to reduce costs is to solicit annual bids. Many focus only on insurance aspects of healthcare instead of prevention and don’t consider alternate ways to compensate employees. They do not communicate efficiently with employees and, as a result, fail to understand their needs and concerns.

By adopting a new policy every year, they experience an excessive amount of administrative burden for HR staff, and employees waste time dealing with new rules, systems and suppliers. In the end, overall costs may increase despite the enticing low bid from a new carrier. Employees may not understand or value the plan, and may become unhappy and unmotivated. We call this The Benefits Merry-Go-Round™ and it is the reason we created Results Discovery Process.

The Results Discovery Process™ is a step-by-step process divided into phases. Phase one, includes a one-on-one Starter Session to assess your current situation and set goals. In phase two, we help you develop a team charged with the implementation of your plan. Phase three is the creation of your strategic Benefits Blueprint which: a detailed strategic plan to help put your plan into action. Your Blueprint will also take advantage of our AMCORP Toolbox, our full suite of tools and capabilities to help you implement your Blueprint.